The New Ageof nutrition

A new breed of producers, Chefs and consumers are re-shaping the future of nutrition. Longer food chains and longer times to market are no longer accepted, and the norm is already beginning to help us build a greener future. That is why we develop greener and cleaner technology that helps EVERYONE grow healthier and more cost efficient greens, herbs, fruit and many more.

Inspired by nature and empowered through technology, the grass may just be greener on the other side.

CLIMATE CHANGEand our food

Is the threat of climate change keeping you up at night? Is your day to day food tasteless and leaves you wanting more while paying even more?
That’s because industrial farming has been all about the quantity, less about the quality.

NEGATIVE EFFECTSof conventional agriculture


of the land mass is acutely degraded due to intensive agriculture


USD/year - economic cost of climate change


of the world's population will be living in water-stressed countries by 2025


necessary increase in food production in order to meet the demand from the world's growing population by 2050

But wait, the future looks greener!

With iNergy Agtech and the first Romanian made Intelligent Growing (organic) Rigs, it’s as easy as pick your spot, install your ready made smart controllable rig and just grow, grow, grow. In no time you will save, save, save.

Both Money, and the Earth.

Thanks to our priority technology and disruptive business approach that allows you to grow more and healthier with less . Because our state of the art is so easy to use, it almost comes naturally.
With its smarter control and automated processes, it takes care of everything, you just call the shots. From micro greens and baby leafs to leafy greens or even fruit or medicinal plants, it’s all available, all day, everyday.

iNergy’s Intelligent Grow Rigs: Insert life into any space. Literally.

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From tailor made, design-thought and ready made solutions for any kind of scenario, up to large scale bespoke products, all is included. From high tech, fully automatized and connected, controlled environment production spaces, down to accessible, open and integrated vertical urban indoor and outdoor spaces, everything is possible.

From stand-alone accessories, growing infrastructure, knowledge and an inspiring open community, it’s all available and already proven. We leverage clean tech & amp; heritage, but also the power of automation, gamification and the crowd in order to develop smart urban micro-farms for everyone.

Empowered by sensors and automation, we bring urban farming and vertical gardens to its next level, the smart interactive garden, for everyone. Through proprietary 3D farming techniques and designed equipment, we help producers to go green and achieve green growth, and urban areas to be revitalized to increase quality of life and health.

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For those living in cities, it’s the best way to bring nature, food production and health back into the day to day. For corporations and companies, it’s the most cost effective way to promote corporate social responsibility while engaging employees, visitors and target groups towards a healthy lifestyle and better life quality. Growing greens, rationally.

For producers and even anyone in the HoReCa industry, it means higher productivity with less input, but more control. That means increased competitivity and growth opportunities, snowballing into increased awareness and marketing capital. Grow green or stay home!

Public authorities and communities can use disruptive business & operation models into adapting the technology and all its benefits towards stakeholder and community based projects, bringing the circular economy of food production into the attention and hands of the end consumers.

Controlled via the Internet, the intelligent rigs make green growth easy as checking your online bank account. Keeping it simple, it’s like Alexa & Watson had a brother in urban farming, providing you with green tech solutions for green growth.
Greens, veggies or even medicinal or exotic crops, you can grow it all. Healthy both for you and the Earth.

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Innovative Solutionsdeveloped in Romania


academic & research partners


over 1000 plants grown in our systems


of farmland returned to nature


less water usage than conventional farming


of Smart Growtech installed in the 1st year


of CO2 saved per year


just one of humanity’s oldest values and change drivers, empowered by smart tech and brought back into the future.

Join the horticulture/growing revolution taking place in your city, building or office, supporting good clean healthy food that’s locally grown.


Good for you, good for the Earth.